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Feel free to republish, reblog, or reprint articles from Mar5Solas. I simply request the following:

1. Source all content to Marc5Solas by name.

2. Link or identify (preferably in the intro) that the information is available at

3. Drop me a line to let me know where/how you are using it. I enjoy reading feedback on articles!

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3 thoughts on “Republishing/Use of Marc5Solas Content”

  1. Marc,
    a brother in the Lord send me your commentary why kids are leaving church.
    great insight, troubling reality and i believe transcends to adults.
    meanwhile i just wanted to encourage you in Christ Jesus and appreciate you.
    Grace and peace.

  2. Marc, I’ll be using your article with a Friday morning mens breakfast group this week. We number about 8. Thanks. I’m encouraging the guys to respond on your web site. JIM

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