A Conversation: Experiencing Life-Change in Authentic Community

I’ve been so moved by personal testimonies of life-change recently that I’ve decided to “join the conversation” regarding “life change” in “authentic community”.  I think I’ve found a community truly “living out” this “message of hope” in a “radical” way…

Young people sharing their life-change with other young people; Spreading the message and creating  hope in authentic community.


“I was just living day to day. I didn’t really have anything to look forward to. As soon as (it) came into my life, I was like Wow, I never want the day to end.


“Sometimes I’ll listen to a lesson and think, oh yeah! Why didn’t I think of that!”


“Before, I was kind of sad and lonely.  My initial reaction was like, ehh, but when I heard about the conference, I really wanted to go.”


And what a conference! Thousands of people, great music, strangers linking arms and becoming friends around this message of hope.


“I’m here, 900 miles from my home with at this conference with a population 4 times the size of my town in this building.”


“Before, I had about 7 friends. Now I have about a few hundred.”

These are people who are committed, living radically, and not bowing to social norms. They are impacting their culture.

“These kids are taking these lessons to heart, we need to allow men to be sensitive and to care about one another and not call them weak for caring.”

Here’s more info if you’d like to make a decision to become a follower, and begin a conversation about radical life change in authentic community:


Get it?

Look, you can have those things.. ALL of those things (life-change, community, conversation, conferences, acceptance) around ANYTHING.

Share ground with the rest of the world if you like, but our call is not change the world or promote “life change”, we’re to proclaim the gospel of Christ crucified for sinner. The other stuff? While not bad, it’s subjective, and it’s certainly not unique.  Start preaching life change and you’re standing in line with the Bronies.  I’ll pass, thanks.

Your Bro (that’s brother, not bronie) in Christ,