Intro To Biblical Greek: Lesson3 – Dipthongs

This week we will be learning dipthongs.

No, not THOSE thongs.. DIPthongs!

This week we will cover vowel blends, or “dipthongs”.  At the end of this lesson we will spell some common english words using greek letters and dipthongs.

You guys are doing GREAT!  Next week we’ll learn our first set of verbs and vocabulary words directly from scripture in the original greek!  All this work is going to pay off!

As always, I’m at for any questions!


One thought on “Intro To Biblical Greek: Lesson3 – Dipthongs”

  1. It’s “diphthong.” 🙂

    And I really enjoyed your post on young people leaving the church. As a young person who went through that, jumbotrons, skinny jeans, and all, spot on!

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