10 Reasons Why I Love Tim Challies

I love Tim Challies. There, I said it. Not in some creepy, weird, bromance way, yet not only in some “my brother in Christ” type way (though I surely do).  No, I love Tim Challies in the way I love the first cup of coffee in the morning as I settle in to read his blog. It’s like some weird combination of reading great exhortation from a wiser brother, and finishing a workout.  It’s comforting, challenging, and in the end I’m almost always the better for it.

So in true top 10 fashion, here’s why I love Challies.com. (And more importantly, why you should be reading it)

10.  Discovery

I feel a small sense of nostalgia with Challies. I started reading him pretty early, before his first book, before he became someone you wanted to SIGN that book.  I feel like Tim’s the indy band I knew before my buddies did.  Because I’m cool and trendy like that. (those of you who know me know that to label me either is comical).  (BTW, get the book.. it’s a great way to open the door to serious gospel discussions for your friends who dig technology.)

9.  Quality

Tim writes well, and his style is accessible to everyone.  His blog is a joy to read, and I know that I can forward his content to youth who may benefit from the wisdom on Challies.com

8. Integrity and Honesty

I’ve never, in years of reading Challies, ever felt that he had an angle.  I’ve seen a humility and honesty.  It’s a rare thing in the blogosphere for someone to say “I don’t know” or “I was wrong”.

7. Disagreement

Tim sees things differently than I do at times.  Maybe it’s the air in Canada, or maybe it’s the trauma that must come from being a Blue Jay fan, but i’m surprised at how often I agree with Tim’s conclusions, but differ in how we got there.  Even when I disagree with Tim, I feel i’ve been given insight into how another brother has worked through an issue. I appreciate that.

6.  Exposure

I’m sure that means something different to someone who lives in a country where exposure (to the elements) can cause death, but i’m speaking of exposure to new sources. I’ve discovered new authors, new ministries, and new blogs through their links on Challies.  I’ve read great articles on blogs I would have never otherwise seen. I’ve also developed an appreciation for infographs. Tim digs infographs.

5.  Tim likes America

Nothing deep or witty there, I just think it’s interesting to read his views of my country and our history.

4.  Sincerity  

I’ve never felt that Tim was trying to be anything other than where he is in his journey.  Some of his book reviews have been unpopular, but (in my opinion) spot on.  I’ve seen no change from Tim as a blogger to, you know, Tim Challies.

3.  Effort

As a fledgling blogger myself, I honestly don’t know how Tim continues to produce so much content on such a high level.  It speaks volumes to his commitment and work ethic.

2.  Scope

Tim has written on such a wide range of topics, that I’m always reading articles that I’m able to use for others.  I’m often sending links to folks who might benefit from an article I’ve discovered via Challies.  It might seem inconsequential, but reading for the edification of others keeps me from being a cynical consumer.

1.  Challies makes much of God

I have a feeling I’d enjoy reading Challies if it only covered baseball and current events, but the common thread for the wide-spectrum of subjects covered is the obvious desire Challies has for making much of God.  And as the great theologian and political leader Pedro (from Napoleon Dynamite) once said, “And, I’d like to see more of that.”

If you’re not reading Challies.com, I’d recommend it.  It is more addictive than facebook in that it’s a wormhole into all things Christian. I’ve missed lunch more than once by following an article, to a blog, to a comment, opening my bible to research an issue, watching a YouTube video on the subject…. you get the point.

Thanks, Tim, for your work.  May the Lord continue to bless your faithful service and give you an extra measure of strength as you carry the cross of being a Blue Jay fan.