6 Months of Marc5Solas

This is the 6th month of M5S. After a quick look back and inventory, I can only say…

I would have never imagined that “my little blog” would be used outside of my little circle of the world.   What I started as a way to answer a couple of recurring questions I had been asked, and provide a repository of my thoughts for my girls, is being read in 17 countries on 6 continents! (No readers in Antarctica yet) 😉  I’ve also received some nice comments from readers, including a member of  the Oklahoma House of Representatives. (Random, but cool!)

I’ve done none of the traditional, recommended marketing to “get hits”, as I have no interest in chasing numbers.  I’ve done my best to be faithful in representing God’s word, and He has (to my humble amazement) used it.  For those who have read it, thank you.  For those who have sent comments and asked questions, bless you. I pray that I’ve been faithful in presenting His gospel.

With that, no more “navel gazing”.  Back to the word for His glory!